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资料名称:Liu, M. et al. Strong adhesion induced by liquid-like surface of metallic glasses. Applied Physics Letters 120, doi:10.1063/5.0077426 (2022).



Self-healing with the capability to be self-adhesive, which can recover from physical damage, is essential for space applications. However, regulatable adhesion under extreme space conditions has only been realized in low-dimensional materials and still poses a challenge on the discovery of suitable materials. Under an ultrahigh vacuum of 10(-7 )Pa, we found a strong adhesion between bulk Cu46Zr46Al8 metallic glasses with a maximum adhesion strength of 32.8 kPa, which is two orders of magnitude higher than that of the corresponding crystalline. This adhesion is suggested to be induced by a liquid-like layer on a bulk metallic glass surface, which has a high diffusion coefficient of 6.9 x 10(-11) m(2).s(-1), even at a relatively low temperature of 263 K. By investigating the dynamics for this liquid-like layer, a special fractional Stokes-Einstein relationship was found. Inspired by this strong adhesion, metallic glasses can be proposed as one of the promising self-healing materials for future space applications.


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