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资料名称:Xian, H. J. et al. Development of stretchable metallic glass electrodes. Nanoscale 13, 1800-1806, doi:10.1039/d0nr07307e (2021).



Stretchable electrodes are essential components for wearable electronics. However, the stretchability of the electrodes is often achieved with the sacrifice of electronic conductivity along with huge variation in resistance. In this work, stretchable metallic glass electrodes (MG-electrodes) that have both high electronic conductivity and excellent electronic stability are developed. The stretchability of the MG-electrode is significantly improved by shrinking MG films deposited on substrates with pre-strain. We demonstrate two types of MG-electrodes. One is a transparent MG-electrode for uniaxial stretching, and the other with better conductivity is for biaxial stretching. Compared with previous electrodes, the MG-electrodes exhibit a combination of high conductivity and negligible resistivity change (<5%), making them promising candidates for interconnections. Along with the excellent corrosion resistance of metallic glasses, the electrodes may be used in harsh environments.

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