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G. Wang , K.C. Chan, X. H . Xu, W.H . Wang, Instability of crack propagation in brittle bulk metallic glass, Acta Materialia, Volume 56, Issue 19 , November 2008, Pages 5845-5860 大小:200 KB [点击下载]
B.A. Sun, M.X. Pan, D.Q. Zhao, W.H. Wang, X.K. Xi, M.T. Sandor, Y. Wu, Aluminum-rich bulk metallic glasses, Scripta Materialia, Volume 59, Issue 10, November 2008, Pages 1159-1162 大小:215 KB [点击下载]
H. B. Yu, P. Yu, W. H. Wang, and H. Y. Bai, Thulium-based bulk metallic glass, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 92, 141906 2008 大小:290 KB [点击下载]
Yong Li, Peng Yu, and H. Y. Bai, Study on the boson peak in bulk metallic glasses, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 104, 013520 2008 大小:688 KB [点击下载]
Peng Yu, H.Y. Bai, Poisson’s ratio and plasticity in CuZrAl bulk metallic glasses, Materials Science and Engineering A 485 (2008) 1–4 大小:642 KB [点击下载]
WEN Ping, ZHAO ZuoFeng & WANG WeiHua, Physical aging in Zr46.75Ti8.25Cu7.5Ni10Be27.5 大小:206 KB [点击下载]
Q. Luo, D. Q. Zhao, M. X. Pan, and W. H. Wanga, Critical and slow dynamics in a bulk metallic glass exhibiting strong random magnetic anisotropy, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 92, 011923 2008 大小:545 KB [点击下载]
Jian-Guo Wang, De-Qian Zhao, Ming-Xiang Pan and Wei-Hua Wang, Iron Based Alloy with Hierarchical Structure and Superior Mechanical Performance, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS 2008, 10, No. 1–2 大小:1560 KB [点击下载]
S. Li, R.J. Wang, M.X. Pan, D.Q. Zhao, W.H. Wang, Formation and properties of RE 大小:566 KB [点击下载]
WANG YongTian,BAI HaiYang,PAN MingXiang,ZHAO DeQian&WANG WeiHua,Giant enhancement of magnetocaloric effect in metallic glass matrix composite,Sci China Ser G-Phys Mech 大小:590 KB [点击下载]

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