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Xue, R.J., et al., Characterization of flow units in metallic glass through density variation. Journal of Applied Physics, 2013. 114(12): p. 123514-4. 大小:8 KB [点击下载]
D. P. Wang, Z. G. Zhu, R. J. Xue, D. W. Ding, et al. Structural perspectives on the elastic and mechanical properties of metallic glasses, J. Appl. Phys. 114, 173505 (2013) 大小:5 KB [点击下载]
Wang Wei-Hua, The nature and properties of amorphous matter, PROGRESS IN PHYSICS 33,177(2013) (in Chinese) 大小:6 KB [点击下载]
Z. W. Wu. et al. Correlation between structural relaxation and connectivity of icosahedra clusters in CuZr metallic glass-forming liquids, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 88, 054202 (2013) 大小:5 KB [点击下载]
Yu, H. B. et al. Chemical influence on b-relaxations and the 大小:6 KB [点击下载]
J. Ma et al. Multi-layer laminated Pd-based metallic glass with enhanced plasticity /Materials Science & Engineering A587 (2013) 240–243 大小:5 KB [点击下载]
Ngai et al. A connection between the structural α-relaxation and the β-relaxation found in bulk metallic glass-formersJ. Chem. Phys. 139, 014502 (2013) 大小:6 KB [点击下载]
B. Huang, H. Y. Bai, P. Wen, D. W. Ding, D. Q. Zhao, The heterogeneous structure of metallic glasses revealed by superconducting transitions, J. Appl. Phys. 114, 113508 (2013) 大小:8 KB [点击下载]
Z. G. Zhu, P. Wen, D. P. Wang, R. J. Xue, D. Q. Zhao, and W. H. Wang, Characterization of flow units in metallic glass through structural relaxations, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 114, 083512 (2013) 大小:6 KB [点击下载]
M.B. Tang et al. Constant-volume heat capacity at glass transition Journal of Alloys and Compounds 577 (2013) 299–302 大小:5 KB [点击下载]

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